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Construction Simulator 3


We are proud to work with Weltenbauer team. From the first 3d models it is becoming clear that we have the same vision of the result. Full understanding of each other and ability to experiment with production pipelines grew into years of suscesfull collaboration.

Construction Simulator 3 image 1Construction Simulator 3 image 2
Construction Simulator 3 image 3

War Thunder


With Gaijin we produced series of planes, ships and aircraft craft carriers. The most challanging part was to develop new pipeline for aircraft engines. And of course, the heaviest and most detailed plane in the game - B29, was built by our team.

War Thunder image 1War Thunder image 2
War Thunder image 3

War of Legions


Ateam created fantastic world in War Of Legion. Our studio had chase to draw series of beautiful illustrations and set of icons.

War of Legions image 1War of Legions image 2
War of Legions image 3

Zombie Slayer


We remember the day when KANO shared with us their idea with series of Facebook games. From this moment we have created huge amount of icons, backgrounds and amazing characters.

Zombie Slayer image 1Zombie Slayer image 2
Zombie Slayer image 3
Zombie Slayer image 3

Rival Kingdoms

Space Ape

Amaizing art for Rival Kingdom game. We have chance to work with really experienced team from Space Ape. Whole process starting from rough concept till final image was really challenging. And we are grateful for the opportunity to draw illustrations for this project.

Rival Kingdoms image 1Rival Kingdoms image 2
Rival Kingdoms image 3

Zoo Keeper


Kiteretsu company wanted to do attemp to adopt their game for Europe market. Our artist completeD series of background illustrations. We are sharing with you few of them. These are fully mirrored images with small parallax effect.

Zoo Heeper image 1Zoo Heeper image 2

Divine Space

Dodo Games

Divine Space launch campain on Kickstarter. Dodo made really interesting idea of the game. They asked us for help with searching of visual style. Our studio developed full concept art and small series of 3d assets.

Divine Space image 1Divine Space image 2
Zoo Heeper image 3


Nova forge enterprise

Freedom with art - The first words that come to mind. With Nova we produced pack of 2d illustrations. Just based on simple description our artist created unknown worlds and character.

Purge image 1Purge image 2
Purge image 1Purge image 2
Purge image 1Purge image 2