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Sami Graphic is wellknown as the 2D art provider of the games industry. Our team includes talented painters and has contributed art to many of famous games in the market. We have implemented hundreds of illustrations to the world's entertainment companies across almost every platform, player demographic and every major category of games.

Our 3D team includes specialists of different types of categories, from one asset creation, character and even complete level. We have really big experience in environment production, full understanding of complex machinery, vehicles and arhitecture. We will push the level of fidelity to the maximum for your projects.

Studios animation artists will bring your ideas to life. We have ability in handling complex riggin and skinning tasks. 3D knowelege and animations skills will help you with full animation pipeline. And this part will be perfect addition to our art services.

We can also offer you extra support with prototype creation or pre production. Every step with quality sample assets or series of blockings will help you to streamline all your future process.

During work on some major projects, Sami Graphic was responsible for such compelx tasks as developing production pipeline, style searching and production of optimisations processes. All these steps require close cooperation with client.


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Technologies / Platforms

Over the past few years our team has created games using different technologies, systems, engines, frameworks, tools and plugins.

We focus on social, mobile, browser and cross-platform game development. We can create a completely new game from scratch or refactor, or maintain and support an existing project.



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Sami Graphic
03062 Peremohy Ave 67
Kiev, Ukraine

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Sami Graphic located in Kiev and established in 2010, providing digital art content for the game industry. We gained global recognition due to our vision of projects quality and budget planning.

We are proud to cooperate with leading companies such as Ateam, Gaijin, Wetlenbauer, KANO. Each year the complexity of art is growing and implementing into social and mobile gaming. Sami Graphic`s outsourcing model provides solution for almost any task.

Our highly experienced team including 3d Artists, Concept Artists and Animators is currently supporting next generation projects what will be launched in the nearest future.